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I. Things I Love

Things I love effect me in different ways and have a story behind them all but for now here is my simple list:
1. Writing
2. Reading
3. Movies
4. Music
5. Acting
6. Singing
7. Cooking
8. Gardening
9. Fast Cars
10. Motorcycles
11. Good Friends
12. Good Food
13. Rocking Chairs


I think I'd draw the line at fast cars and motorcycles--oh, and acting--but otherwise I'm with you!

Nice list! :) My humans like many of those things. They both have "black thumbs" though, so gardening isn't one of them!

Nice list. I love rocking chairs.

I'm with you, except for the cooking! I hate cooking. :-)
Thanks for visiting my detective TT!

Good list. You could always do a TT on each of the subjects in the upcoming 13 weeks. :-)

I come brain frazzled from HTML (unlike french and german, a language I'm lost in), hoping for a late night star gazing on the deck overlooking the lake. With perhaps a glass of Ariel Chardoney (for me) and ?? for you? Alas... only your love-things list lingers to keep me company tonight. Off to seek other wistful vistas...
Anon, my new friend.

Hi again. Sorry, I accidentally rejected your comment on my page. Would you mind posting it again? :-)

that's cool! I should do that this week. We'll see.

And yes, I have been getting your comments. I post back to them, but I think you have to check my blog again to read it. I think it's probably a better idea for me to post back on your blog, but it wouldn't make sense with the entry! Oh well.

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