Monday, April 30, 2007

My Birthday/My Beginning

Thanks to DaMocha I have this cool place to reflect on my birthday; thank you my friend! Looking back I am amazed at where I am in life now. Of course I have thoughts of grandeur that put me further in life making me as adventurous, wealthy and as important to saving our world as my alter ego Lara Croft. But I'm not. I hope that I can say and others would say that I have grown spiritually and mentally. There are so many things I have tolerance for that I didn't when I was younger. Waiting in line, a messy house along with a few other things. But my tolerance for stupidity is nil. I no longer give people the "benefit of the doubt" over and over. Is this somehow connected to my gain of knowledge? How diverse my knowledge is or simply because I'm older? Or the fact that I'm open to new, untapped knowledge?

Now I'm not talking about ignorance. There is a difference. Ignorance is when someone has never been taught. Stupidity is when someone refuses to learn or has the knowledge and refuses to accept it. There is a consensus that once you have the knowledge about something that you cannot walk away from it, but that is what the majority of people do. Though the proper English term would be to say "they are ignoring" it, the truth is they are being stupid about it.

Though the world is determined to pigeon hole us all, put labels on us and a definition, which limits us or gives us privilege in society. I have always fought against these labels but they have been thrown my way none the less. I don't want to be a man but don't tell me I can't do something because I'm a woman. I don't have a college education so that means I'm not intelligent or if I've made a lot of money I'm a genius despite not having a formal education. If I'm unusual or unique in my thinking somehow I'm defective but if I have money I'm eccentric. The color of my skin or my sexual connotations means there is something substandard about me or puts me in the position of privilege.

Various groups claim privilege in the name of their cause. I think it is a matter of the majority claiming ‘self’ privilege. The idea that tone’s own thoughts, experiences and opinions are the only ones that matter is a definition of ‘self’ privilege. I believe I have moved from ‘self’ privilege to ‘world’ conscious. What to do with that? Now that’s another matter. - LC


Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today represents another year, "Lara Croft," has graced the world with her presence. Now she will use this venue to grace you all with her thoughts. Welcome to On the Lake Front! Prepare yourself for mayhem because she is in training on how to embrace her "bitchness," and she is doing quite well. Share your your thoughts, share them all...have fun with this venue my friend and Happy Birthday.
--Da Mocha