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Blog Action Day: Living Greener

I worked Cy-Fest this past weekend at the college where I work. It is a Fall Festival of sorts with about 3000 participants. It was great fun and we were blessed with great weather. I was struck though by how careless people were with their trash. I was working the food area and was grateful to see those who were recycling their water bottles and throwing away their trash in the appropriate receptacles but disheartened by those who did not. There was one woman who actually threw away her unopened water bottle because it had gotten warm and she wanted a cold one! I politely (and in a friendly voice) told her that next time she needed to take that home and water her plants with it! It made me start wondering if people think to do that with unfinished bottles of water that are left in the car or their purse, or when it gets too warm? We have become a society of convenience and usually we pay a price that is not always noticeable right away. The one that seems to hit home the most is cost. So please remember the next time you have left over bottled water or water in a pan from cooking a sealed bag of vegetables, or non greasy water from washing a few dishes; your plants love soap and by recycling your water instead of watching it go down the drain you save money and do a favor for our environment! For more tips and information go to http://www.nrcs.usda.gov/. See you on the Greener side!


Great tip! About once a week I end up cruising around my house and finding unfinished bottles of water with the caps still on. I pour them all into one bottle and put it in the fridge for later.

This is exactly how I use the leftover water in all my bottles! Good for you for mentioning it!

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