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V. Movies

Movies take me away! Some movies that inspire me, make me think, and thoroughly entertain me or just allow me to escape:

1. Stranger Than Fiction – Such a deep film. Yes, a movie with Will Ferrell in it that has depth! It has its quarks and can be hard to keep up with but I found it so imaginable and delightful in its playfulness with our concepts of life. It will make you think and you might have to watch it twice to catch it all.
2. Braveheart – I know, I know, too long. Well, I actually saw this movie 5 times in the theatre. It felt right, like I was actually reliving history. Though there were some scenes I could have left on the cutting room floor, it was amazing and wonderful.
3. Hatari – This is my favorite John Wayne movie! At the time it came out the National Geographic magazine was all we had to teach us about Africa. I loved the animals and the characters. It’s a fun movie and beautifully done. I have memories with my mother watching this into the wee hours of the night on Saturdays after the 10 o’clock news. It came on at least once a month.
4. The Birds – One of my first Hitchcock films to see and I was hooked from then on. The written story is actually more interesting but still found this film to be fascinating for its time.
5. What Dreams May Come – So aesthetically pleasing! It is a beautiful film and the story as well. You have to get past the first feelings of depression from this film and filter through the underneath. The library in the film? I’ve dreamed of that place many times.
6. Fried Green Tomatoes – Cannot even tell you how many times I have seen this movie! It speaks to me and so many people about so many things. And oh how I have wanted to bash my car into someone else’s on numerous occasions! TAWANDA!!!
7. The Green Mile – One of the best renditions of a Stephen King Novel. I love this movie and cry at the end every time. I feel like John Coffey sometimes, misunderstood and ready to let go of all the cruelty that we see in the world.
8. Arsenic and Old Lace – One of my favorite Carey Grant movies! Just plain fun! I’ve played one of the aunts in an 8th grade play. Just hysterical.
9. Mr. & Mrs. Smith – I’m not sure I have ever laughed so much at a movie. Maybe you have to have been married at some point but I loved this movie! Unlike “War of the Roses” which I hated, this approaches so many of the everyday challenges of a relationship that are hindered then by secrets. And of course you get to see 2 of Hollywood’s sexiest people kick ass! I wanted to learn how to throw knives after this movie. 
10. Switch – This movie has so many stories to tell. The base of the story is a sexist, chauvinist pig is murdered by his angry ex-girlfriends and then is reincarnated as a woman. Ellen Barkin makes you believe it is a man in a woman’s body! It is full of twists and turns and numerous lessons to be thought about and learned. You will love this movie, the ending is so poignant!
11. Whale Rider – Beautifully done. Amazing filming as well as acting. Though the family dynamics are unique due to culture they can fit into any one of our situations. It is amazing how similar all our struggles are to become who we are and who we want to be.
12. Star Wars (Original) – Star Wars was unlike any movie we had ever seen at the time. The effects and depth of the characters was amazing. Technology is moving so fast now but not then so the idea of robots and land speeders was exciting. The (let’s see if I have this right) 4th, 5th and 6th are my favorites though I can tell you I have not taken the time to see the others. The 3 years between the 2nd (4th) and the last (6th) was the most agonizing 3 years!
13. I know this is a compout for my thirteenth but I love any movie that can show me something different, beautiful, funny, another world, another lifetime. I've loved movies since I was old enough to sit in front of the TV. Including musicals!


Very thought-provoking list! I haven't to admit though...I haven't seen half of these! Must do better...

Oh Hatari is one of my guilty pleasures. I always enjoy his comedy/drama vehicles.

My mom, sister, and I used to curl up and watch this whenever we came across it on TV.

Thanks for dropping by my place!

The only movie I haven't seen on your list is "Stranger Than Fiction", but I've been eager to see it.

Braveheart - not historically accurate, but I never get tired of the movie. :)

My favorite John Wayne movie is The Quiet Man!

I wasn't impressed by Mr. & Mrs. Smith (although Brad & Angelina are both favourites), but I'm with you on the rest. I love Braveheart! And the library in What Dreams May Come is my dream library too...
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Loved the green mile too.
my first born is a dead ringer for the whale rider, i have been told.
this list is a good to-watch list.

Where are you, lake woman?? I was hoping to see your 13 tonight. Mine took waaaay too long! Too much HTML!! AArrggghhhh! I hope you are having sweet dreams... or no dreams.

I also liked Stranger Than Fiction--I love Emma Thompson! :)

And Fried Green Tomatoes is great--although I have to say, the book is even better!

Thanks for visiting my site! :)

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