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8 Random Things About Lara Croft

1. My real name is Melinda and I love music and love to dance. Always have. It's a way to express myself and feel the music inside of me, not just hear it. From the time I was little everyone said I could dance to anything, even "Baby Elephant Walk".

2. I have an extremely wonderful and close relationship with my daughter. If there is anything I can say I have done right it is being a Mom. Not to say I have not made my share of mistakes, but somehow they have all turned out alright. I'm very proud of her and can't wait to see where she goes from here!

3. My work is just a job, if I could write for a living I would. But working at a college allows me opportunities to work with the community that I would not otherwise be able to do. I have helped create a Women's Conference here that is now an annual event and allows me to help other women search within themselves for better ways to live, to protect themselves, and know that they are worth something.

4. I have a butterfly tattoo on my right hip that is my own little peace of private art work. But it wasn't what I wanted. I let my ex-husband talk me into it because what I wanted he thought was too masculine. A dragon on its back holding a crystal ball in its feet and its tail curled around to make a circle.

5. I'm an experience junky. I love to try new things and experience life in new ways. I think because I'm a writer is one of the reasons I'm like this. Unfortunately I am not a risk junky so there are a lot of risky type things I'm not willing to try such as bungee jumping. But if it's unique, weird or beautiful in my mind, I have to touch it, taste it, feel it. Nature does that to me, it's a turn on in all ways.

6. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to confidence and believing in myself. I wish I saw myself as positively as others see me. I'm always working on improving and sometimes I feel I'm getting further along and other times I don't. I think that's why I'm always trying to help others. In the process somehow I end up helping myself.

7. I love to discuss philosophy with a group of friends. Spending the evening with good friends, good food and plenty of 'food' for thought is a high for me! New thoughts, new ideas, diverse human interaction and that feeling of being connected somehow...

8. I love water. When my friends were all laying on the side of the pool working on their tans, I had to be in the pool. I'm afraid of big bodies of water but get in anyway. I used to like to body surf but haven't done that in a long time. But put me on a Sea-Doo and I will be going 70 miles an hour on the lake. What a rush! When I go to the beach with friends I'm the one who wakes up before dawn and walks along the waters edge to watch the sun rise. It is soothing, powerful and hypnotic.

I don't know eight people to tag with this so I won't but I'm glad I got tagged. Thanks Thorne.


Great list! Congrats on implementing an annual women's conference.

If you still want it, I say GET the dragon tattoo.

You are just as interesting as I thought you would be! An "experience junkie?" Now, I want a dragon tattoo myself. I just told my husband last night that I was thinking about getting a tattoo, if I could figure out what I wanted...
Good post, Melinda. Thanks for sharing *you* with us.

This Eclectic Life

70 mph?! Yikes! I much prefer being in the water myself. It's so alluring. But I'm not one for daredevil stuff.

interesting that I can identify with many of your random things, melinda.
even our template is the same--how about that?
you are interesting.
getting tatoos hurt though--that is one thing that I will not "experience junky" myself through again.
have a good week.

Oh, my but we do have alot in common. How did I know that?? Very nice to meet you, Melinda, I'm Terese. I am also Taurus and 46 years old. My partner is a Scorpio.
1)dance!! Music!! I live by music. Song, (lyrics, yes... but) Music! Arangement, melody... Baby Elephant Walk! My mother had the album soundtrack from Hatari (??) I loved that! (Both Movie and Album)

2) My daughter (just the one) and I are very close. I too think the best thing I've "done" is her!! She's 28 now and a new mom.

3) writing and art. I want to do NaNoWriMo this year. You?

4)Come see me in Cali. I will listen as you describe your vision and we shall create a dialogue of words and lines and light and shadow and color until we have created your personal body art design. Then we will play trance drum and cello and baby elephant walk while with nag champa sweetness in in the air of the sacred space we shall create we will tattoo you with magick and beauty and spirit.

5)... uh-huh...
7)... laughing...
8)... screaming!! Water is my great love and hasbeen/can be my great fear. (I have sea monsters. Not sure where I got um, but they follow me everywhere. They are quite clever as well as versatile. It makes them no matter... fresh water, salt water. They stay away when I'm in the company of others, but the moment I venture out into deep water alone they are there... surrounding me. Menacing me in their silent and invisible stealth

This exercise was a great way to get into the mind of LC-On the lake Front.

Here are my Five Questions for you:

1. Since you enjoy discussing philosophy with friends, I ask you--

“Are the things that are valuable, valuable because we value them or do we value them because they are valuable?”

2. After your "C" scare in December of 2006, what changes (if any) did you make in your life?

3. Do you believe that one must have some sort of angst in order to be a good writer?

4. What was the symbolism of the dragon tatoo that you wanted to get?

5. You say that "when we expect those around us to have the same thoughts and ideas about something, we are imposing our will on them."
How do you reconcile this with the fact that you have no tolerance for

Thank you Melinda, and I look forward to your answers!


If I had a tattoo, it would probably be of a butterfly. But I wish you had a dragon. I have spent most of my 20 years of working at colleges and universities. I think we would get along famously. My stepson lives on a lake near Houston. It makes me want to meet you all the more. Thanks for this glimpse of you. I am glad we met.

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