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IV. Reading

Reading has always been an escape for me and a learning tool. When I was younger, I only read fiction and of course as I grew older found my way into non-fiction. Here are a few of my favorite books:

1. Cave Dreamers – Jeanne Williams - I have always been fascinated with the idea that we are one soul traveling from one entity to the next and carrying with us our special talents and gifts. It is just a matter of what we do with them. It is a celebration of women set in a background rich in history.
2. The Mists of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley - I used to read her “Darkover” series (fantasy Sci-Fi) when I was young and delighted to find her writing about one of my favorite subjects. I do believe that one of my life times was spent in this era.
3. Interview With a Vampire – Anne Rice - Though I believe her writing grew up and became even better, I read this one in the eighth grade and was astounded at how well she ‘painted’ a picture and to this day still feel she makes you believe….
4. Lestat – Anne Rice - My first experience at seeing how a writer’s work can evolve and grow. Her ‘pictures’ became even more vivid and with a depth that I want to always reach with my writing. She also writes erotica under the name A.N. Roquelaure. Check it out.
5. Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue – Neale Donald Walsch – This book was given to me by a life long friend and it took me over a year to read it the first time and only a week the second time (5 years later). The information is astounding and will make you think. No matter what your beliefs are, this is a fascinating and thought provoking book.
6. Illusions – Richard Bach – My grandmother was obsessed with “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by this author and I was too young to discuss it with her. When I was older, I was given this book from a friend that is no longer in my life and I miss. It opened my eyes to things I had only begun to understand and physically changed my life.
7. Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years – This is the most astounding account of anyone’s lives I have ever read. The story of two African-American sisters who never married and lived to be over a hundred. It is funny and eye opening, heart stirring and amazing as you are let into these very private women’s lives. You will learn something whether you want to or not.
8. A Woman’s Worth – Marianne Williamson - Again my grandmother had given me one of her earlier books and this one I found later in life when I was questioning who I am and who I could be. You have to glean from it what pertains to you but it reminds us of all the things that society tags as being a woman and ‘weak’ as being beautiful and strong.
9. Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence – Nick Bantock – This was such a unique concept at the time it came out and I loved the artwork. It was so much fun to read.
10. Bridges of Madison County – Robert James Waller - Okay, so I’m a sap for a good tragic romance. In addition, even though I think she should have gone with him, I can feel the bonds of responsibility and most likely would have done exactly what she did.
11. Lucky Man: A Memoir – Michael J. fox – An autobiography of hope, confessions and reality of how he handled his life as it unfolded. He is truly a lucky person to have made the choices he has.
12. Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague – Geraldine Brooks – Now I know what you’re thinking, a story about the plague! How depressing. Give it a chance! It is a wonderful story with depth and color that paints the picture of what it must have been like back then. Its characters have such depth and she brings to light what you don’t see much in literature and are usually blind to in life, the fact that we all have our secrets and our ways of thinking that can blind side someone when the truth is revealed.
13. Cujo – My First Stephen King novel. I was so pissed when I got to the end and the mother had fought so hard and her son died anyway!!!!! I was on those pages with her beating the shit out of that dog! He is a fascinating writer and I highly suggest reading his autobiography, “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft”. Whether you are a fan of his works, a writer or just curious, it’s great.


I'm just re-reading The Mists of Avalon (for the forty-eleventh time. Did you ever read the series by Jean Aul, The Clan of The Cave Bears, etc? It's fiction, but she did a lot of research to put some factual info in them. I'll have to check out number 5 and number 7.
This Eclectic Life

My human mom has read all of Marion Zimmer Bradley's books in the Avalon series, many times over.

I love Anne Rice. I've also read all her erotica. Lestat is one of my favorite literary characters of all time.

I am sooooo not a sucker for a tragic romance ;). I like a happily ever after!

A very good mix here!

I re-read Mists of Avalon almost every spring. :)

Great list!

Great list. I like the variety of subjects/genres in your favs. Of the 13 I have only read Cujo and Bridges but I would also agree Bridges of Madison County is one of my favorite books.

It would have been neat had he written the story where she goes with him and then perhaps penned a sequel that tells about their travels together.

Thanks for checking out my Starbucks 13. Happy Friday!

1) yes
2)Repeatedly. I remember more every time I read it. Was that where first we met?
3)All Anne Rice except the erotica. The first book was fun. But... I mean, how many different ways can we play out the same crap?! pu-leez! Ummm... and didn't I take exception to a somewhat Lolita-ish one??
5)I'll give it another try on your recc.
6) Loved R Bach!! Ate him up as a teen.
10)Loved it. Not my usual fare, but a poetic beauty. Do you read Barbara Kingsolver?
13) King is a writer whose talents I would sell my soul to achieve. LOL. His incredible ability to see and then translate that into seamless vision for the reader is amazing! Have you read Te Dark Tower?? You must!! A spiritual journey beyond compare in modern fiction!!!

Sorry I'm this late for my visit to your TT! It was worth it though, because we have a lot of favo books in common. Great list!
Thanks for visiting my TT!

The Bridges of Madison County is a wonderful book.

I can't wait to start reading "On Writing" by Stephen King now that you mention it :) (I have it here on my shelf)

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