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III. Writing...Things I Love

My introduction to art was through books and enhanced by what I read, not just what I saw. Eventually writing came to me easier than drawing. These are a few of the things that have inspired my love of writing:

1. Dreams: I am a perpetual dreamer in full Panavision color. Wrote my first novel in my dreams.
2. Secrets: My own secrets and my curiosity about the world and how it works.
3. Disney: The original dream of Walt Disney and the world that was created in his mind. Not the corporation.
4. Edgar Allan Poe: Never more, will there be someone who investigated their own psyche as he did. Down to his very soul and all its depth and darkness
5. Alfred Hitchcock: One who studied others psyche and human nature. He asked the question: What would they do if put in this situation?
6. Beauty: I have been blessed to see some of the most beautiful things in nature up close and personal…a female lion, a Bengal tiger, sunsets and sunrises, low flying clouds in a valley as I drove atop a mountain…
7. Horror: I have lived it, I have seen it and I have been empathetic towards those who have been through it.
8. Ann Rice: She made me believe in vampires, …excuse the smell of garlic.
9. Poetry: Others and my own is an art form that takes the language of the soul and transforms it to paper. It is inspiring even when others don’t understand it.
10. Gothic Romances: Dark, mysterious, and always tragic and oh so much fun.
11. Louisa May Alcott: “Little Women”. I could not imagine what it was like to be in a large family and it seemed so ‘out there’ to write about a woman in those times that was strong and different from the rest of her family.
12. The power of words: spoken and written have effected me. Positive and negative. I realized early on the damage that words can do to you. The hell with sticks and stones.
13. Books upon books, upon books. Reading has taught me about other cultures, other worlds (real and imagined). They have taught me about myself and how to grow and help others. I hope no matter what I do with my writing that my words will always have a positive impact on those who read them, even if they don’t fully agree with what I am saying.


Great list! I LOVE Alfred Hitchcock and heard a great workshop once about how to use his techniques to improve your writing--fascinating stuff!

This is a great list. I'm inspired by many of these things myself, and I've often tried to explain my fascination with Disney to others in just the way you worded it here.

What a fantastic 13! I find that dreams are really inspiring too. I've written several short stories that were based on dreams I've had. Thanks for checking out my blog. Happy Friday!

Very thoughtful list. I really enjoyed visiting your blog. I like the copy at the top of your site that introduces your blog--intriguing. I'll definitely be back. In fact, I'd like to link you to my blog. Have a great weekend!

Great 13!!!! I might just have to consider this one myself! Stop by my place, woman. I've tagged you.
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