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II. Things I Love: Expanded

1. Writing: I’ve been a storyteller all my life. Though drawing was my passion when I was younger, writing has stayed with me and surely will for the rest of my days. Weaving details and descriptions and creating an alternate reality is a wonderful way to use your creative energies.
2. Reading: Escapism and a learning tool. I always hope to get out of reading something to carry forward into my life. Whether it be simple joy or a new concept or thought about a situation that I had not contemplated before.
3. Movies: The ultimate escape! I love it when a movie can pull me in and take me into its world. For those few hours, I am oblivious to the world around me and I am totally engrossed in theirs and living it. A definite medium for putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.
4. Music: A creation that can seep into your very soul. Can make you cry in an instant and feel joy in the next. To dance, to move, to make love to music is a wonderful joy. Music, as is writing, will always be a part of my life.
5. Acting: Something new for me as is singing in public. These mediums are outside my box and helping me to have courage to try other new things. My debut was “Vagina Monologues” and I had to do 17 different kinds of moans and an orgasm at the end. At first I turned it down then thought, if I can do that I can never be afraid of anything again that has to do with going on stage. And it worked.
6. Singing: Still not as confident as I would like to be but I’m good. I was told my whole life I couldn’t sing by people in my life who could not stand the idea that I might have the same talents as them. My friends pushed me and now I’ve been in 3 productions on stage, nothing big, but it’s a start and so much fun.
7. Cooking: Love cooking, especially for a group of friends. I love the planning, the process and of course the eating. Farmer’s Markets are my favorite and if I lived near enough to a good one I would be buying my food fresh every day!
8. Gardening: Can’t get fresher than that when it comes to food and I love plants. I inherited this love from my grandmother. I actually have some plants that are over 20 years old that she gave me and they are in the ground (versus a pot) for the first time in my yard. Nothing like getting close to nature when you watch things grow and continue to create.
9. Fast Cars: Grew up with them. My first car was a 1972 Ford Galaxie 2 door with a 429-4V engine and glass pack muffler system. You could hear me coming for a mile before I got there! I love the feel of a strong engine and am crazy about the drag races but I’m not much on NASCAR to one of my best friend’s disdain. Just don’t see the point of watching cars go around in a circle.
10. Motorcycles: Same as in 9. I just can’t afford to own one!
11. Good Friends: Nothing like great conversations or sharing of fun with people you care for, trust and love. Playing games, laughing, doing something nice for when it’s needed. My friends are my family and mean a lot to me. I’m very blessed.
12. Good Food: Whether I’m cooking it or someone else, I love good food, fresh fruits and cheeses. Add a bottle of wine or champagne and my taste buds go crazy!
13. Rocking Chairs: Nothing better at the end of a day. Enjoy the breeze, my puppies and garden and rock away my stress! Only thing better is a hammock!


I can't sing or act and I'm a little scared of fast cars, but I do love all the other things you mentioned-and appreciate the ones I can't do. Thanks for visiting me.

Wonderful list! :) It is easy to see why you love all of those things. :)

I love writing, reading and music so much. I know what you mean :-) Great T13 and thanks for dropping by.

Great list! I took a peek at some of your other posts also. I'll be back - Thanks for visiting me.

I love this Thursday Thirteen! I'm still in awe of 17 moans and an orgasm (lol)! I noticed that you are a gal from my neck of the woods. Actually, I'm way north of you, but still the same state. I enjoy your style of writing and will be back!

Hey, love your list! I completely understand and relate w/ you on the first six items. It's that cooking & gardening thing I haven't mastered just yet. Thanks for sharing your loves.
Thank you, too, for visiting my blog. :)

What a wonderful turn of the pen.

Keep up the writing. You are good at it. I feel a kindred writing spirit here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing your peace globe. If you need help, let me know.

Mimi Lenox

That's a great list! I love a lot of thsoe too.
Thanks for visiting my TT; sorry I'm this late in responding.

I wish I lived nearer to a farmer's market--and I wish my husband wasn't so adverse to vegetables.

And yay for you for getting up there on stage! Me...couldn't do it.

What a wonderful list. I think I could get lost in your blog for hours. I've been acting since I was five but have taken a sabbatical to raise my girl. I love to sing but am not as good at it as I'd like to be. How brave you are to do "The Vagina Monologues"!

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