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Chesca's Interview w/Lara Croft

This exercise was a great way to get into the mind of LC-On the lake Front.
Here are my Five Questions for you:
1. Since you enjoy discussing philosophy with friends, I ask you--
“Are the things that are valuable, valuable because we value them or do we value them because they are valuable?”
My personal opinion is everything is subjective to what we put on it. ‘ It’ being something material or a core value. When it comes to material things there really is not a monetary value, you have to look at why that person wants it. Is it prestige, is it sentimental, does it give the self a sense of power, of love, of self-worth? Someone could own a Picasso and think he is the riches person because he was able to buy it and display it and show everyone his ‘prize’. Me, I cannot stand Picasso as an artist or a person, but that is my opinion. Therefore, it holds no value for me either as something I would want or for the other person to have. However, a Waterhouse painting like the one depicted on my site has value for me as I respect the artist, his talent and the beauty that I see in his work. I also see a depth there that strikes a cord with me but does it with everyone, no. Core values are no different. The only difference between me and a murderer is I put value on human life other than my own. They put a value on their own first and are willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy that value. I have the capabilities to be either person, therefore, we both made choices that we are willing to live with the consequences.

2. After your "C" scare in December of 2006, what changes (if any) did you make in your life? I started writing again, hence the gift of this blogging site from a friend. I realized that my job was draining me. I was good at it and loved the people but it was not good for me. I have since changed positions. I am working my way back to my dreams now, though that is hard because most of my life has been about what I had to do to survive or ensure my child’s survival. I have purged a lot of ‘stuff’ from my home and still working on it. I have lost 6 people in 6 years and out of 3 of those people their ‘stuff’ came to my house so I’ve been cleaning out everyone’s ‘stuff’. I have also been working on evaluating what is working in my life and what is not.

3. Do you believe that one must have some sort of angst in order to be a good writer? This is hard for me to answer because I have that core angst and believe that I would not be who I am, including a good writer, if I had not gone through the things that I have. Some of my favorite writers have fought their demons privately and publicly in their writing. I think you have to be willing to take the risk of exposing yourself in your writing to bring it to life. However, I have read good authors who as far as I know, have had very little drama in their lives and still can weave a story. In answer to your question, I think I would have to say yes, because the really great writers (I’m not talking about myself!) seem to have taken what they went through in life or their empathy for someone else and transformed it to the written word.

4. What was the symbolism of the dragon tattoo that you wanted to get? I’m not sure what attracted me to it at the time (it was almost 20 years ago). I was really on the edge of discovering myself and I think it represented the mysteries I was to uncover. In addition, I’ve always had a fascination with dragons and orbs.

5. You say that "when we expect those around us to have the same thoughts and ideas about something, we are imposing our will on them." How do you reconcile this with the fact that you have no tolerance for stupidity? Boy, you’re tough, but I like that. I also say that if that person’s way of thinking is hurting you in some way it is your responsibility to release yourself from it, not yours to change the way the other person thinks or feel. Not to say you shouldn’t try to work it out, but some things just cannot be changed. My definition of stupidity: a choice made not to learn, not to seek knowledge, not to see things from all sides no matter your point of view. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge not provided or available. I think it still boils down to one taking responsibility for their own actions and thoughts. As a whole, we seem to expect the other person to bend to our way, to make it ‘alright’ for us because we think that way. I feel we put too much stock into what others think of who we are and so there is instantly a conflict that is created if there are differences. If someone agrees with us then we can say we are right, that our way of thinking is the path to take and from the ego of this way of thinking wars and the crusades were started. Because we seem to always be trying to discover ourselves through the outside world instead of inside, we find ourselves at odds with all kinds of things. It is a very hard concept to except that though we are all very different we are all connected and wouldn’t be who we are without the other. Am I good at this? Not always, probably not most of the time. Nevertheless, I do try and it has brought a certain amount of peace to my world.
Thank you chesca for interviewing me! It was great fun! -

Do YOU want to be interviewed?

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2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


I love how (as with all your posts)
you put great thought into each response.
Thank you for the chance to get to know you better.

Thank you for the opportunity! It was great to get to know you better too - LC

Wonderful answers. I'm game.
Interview me!!!
(moved my blog - new URL
Thorne's World New Home)

Hey, woman! My interview's up.
Interview Me

Thanks for your good thoughts...

I don't want to be interviewed LOL. I think you would ask difficult questions. I love the depth of your answers. Great fun to read, Lara. Thank you for putting such thought into it.

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