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VII. Acting

Acting: As I have said before acting is something relatively new to me. I did play one of the aunts in “Arsenic and Old Lace” in like 8th grade. I was in choir last year and we did a tribute to Rodgers & Hammerstein. I was a nun in “The Sound of Music”, a nurse in a scene from “South Pacific” and I was Aunt Eller in “Oklahoma”. It is much easier to do one or the other, very hard to do both at the same time! My biggest acting debut was doing Readers Theatre. My first trial by fire was “The Vagina Monologues”! I wanted so much to be a part of this but at the same time it scared the crud out of me! Here are 13 things I like about acting.

1. I love doing monologues because though there are hard because there are no props or other actors to help you, it usually it something that makes the audience think. Or maybe it’s the shows I choose to do. I like doing comedy too. It’s up to the actor to give expression and feeling to it so that the audience follows you.

2. Of course I like the idea of being someone that I’m not! I haven’t done enough to say I’ve gotten to play some characters that were really different than me, well except to VM. I was a woman lawyer turned prostitute. It was interesting and fun.

3. Facing my fears! Believe me, now that I had to do 17 moans and an orgasm on stage in front of an audience made up of people I work with….I’m not really afraid to be up there any more!!!

4. I’ve always loved movies and plays so to be a part (even if it’s a small part) is a thrill for me.

5. When people come up to you afterwards and not just tell you how good you were but what it meant to them. After VM which was a part of our Women’s Conference, one girl decided to tell her story at Take Back the Night. She said after watching VM, she had the courage to get up and tell her true story of abuse.

6. I actually like speaking even more. I’ve taught classes and conducted speaking engagements on various subjects. This I really enjoy because I get to talk about things that are a passion to me and hopefully inspire or bring good information to other people.

7. I do like the interaction with other actors but don’t like working with those who have Diva characteristics. An actor is only as good as its audience so I think we’re on the same playing field. Though I really don’t call myself an actor.

8. Musicals are a lot of fun. Especially when you are doing music that gets the audience moving! I like anything that engages the audience to join you and sing or stomp their feet. It’s great.

9. Cool costumes!!!

10. I don’t know if I could do anything that was so out of my character. Such as portraying beliefs that I don’t have. It would be hard. I am amazed by actors who can do so many different characters. I wonder if they are a well balanced person?

11. Making people laugh. I enjoy doing comedic pieces. It’s easy to tell if you are doing a good job! And the energy gives you momentum to make it through what you’re doing.

12. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is something that would make people cry. Don’t know if I could be that good.

13. Acting versus writing is you get more of an instant gratification response to your creativeness. I do enjoy that. It’s a high that energizes you and makes you smile. My very first time on stage as an adult I was soaring for hours!


soaring is a good way to describe it.
interesting thirteen things to read about you and acting. i am impressed.

That's awesome! Sounds like you've totally found your calling! :)

*twilite zone music* LOL! Great 13, soulsis!!! Have I mentioned I used to act a bit?? College stuff, but really excellent productions in a great performing arts center. My 2 favs were "Such Stuff as Dreams are Made Of", a Shakespearean collage. (too much fun. 12 actors, 6 f, 6 m. scenes from a little bit of everything, with most of the costume and prop changes done from a trunk on stage. I had a great (and terrifying) monalogue as Catherine basically begging good ol' Henry VIII not to divorce her. Front and center and spotlighted, addressing the audience as if they were hubby... 4 fucking minutes long!!! What a rush) But the most fun was the lead in "Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mama's Hung You in the Closet (and I'm feelin' So Sad)" A farce in which I portrayed Madame Rosepettle, the eccentric widow who travelled the world with her late husband's taxidermied body and her stuttering son. LOL. She was a blast! I loved acting, but it wasn't as big a rush for me as singing on stage. Now that was hot!!! Love ya!!!

I tried acting in high school but I got stage fright. So I worked on sets and props and had a good time doing that.

I'd love to work in community theatre doing that again.

This is a good 13!

I would be totally terrified--for days beforehand. Kudos to you!

Sounds like you would also totally enjoy storytelling! Not only do you get to feel that wonderful power of moving an audience, you get to use your own words and choose the message you want to convey.
This is an excellent list of reasons to love performing!

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