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IX. Cooking

Cooking: These are some of my favorites to cook and some of my family and friends requests from my kitchen:
1. Full buffet breakfast with homemade biscuits and gravy.
2. Fresh fruits combined to create exotic flavor and I love to serve fresh fruit with all my meals.
3. I love seafood and grew up with it but enjoy cooking shrimp the most. Shimp Creole and Shrimp Brochette are my favorites.
4. Homemade macaroni and cheese made with a white sauce. Indulgent but wonderful!
5. The macaroni and cheese usually has to be served with salmon patties made with onion and cornmeal and fried to a golden brown.
6. Chicken Salad made with fresh grilled chicken and other secret ingredients.
7. Omelets the size of medium pizzas filled with sautéed veggies and cheese.
8. King Ranch Chicken served more like nachos than casserole.
9. Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, a recipe I learned from friends in Louisiana.
10. Fresh green beans blanched for no more than 10 minutes, come out with perfect color and a slight crispness.
11. Slow cooked spaghetti sauce with fresh garlic and veggies.
12. Home brewed sugared ice tea from a simple syrup made before steeping the tea.
13. A good old pot of beans and home made cornbread.


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OMG you just made me so hungry I could faint! Biscuits and gravy! Macaroni and cheese AND salmon patties??? You are sooo Texan. Beans & cornbread, sweetea! You 'member when you were in VM and had to "fake" that Big O...you could have read this list and not had to fake it!

did you ever notice that cooking the shrimps with their heads still attached adds a lot more flavor to the shrimp?
if you are not accustomed to keeping the head on but would like me to explain, let me know.
i envy anyone who can cook. i certainly can't.
but i can eat.

Whoa! Sounds great! Can I come over? I don't make any of this stuff.

Quite the gourmet, aren't ya? That's a delicious list.

Happy TT!

You know, I may steal this TT banner too!

I had some fresh greenbeans for lunch! Yummy! Great post!

Looks like you posted this a while back but I am only just reading it. I just wanted to say that you are the best cook I've ever known. I am happy to say that I have been eating your wonderful food for more than half my life. You cook like you love. With your whole heart. Your Salmon patties hold a special place in my heart. Eating that simple but sublime dinner of Salmon patties & macaroni & cheese will always be intertwined with happy memories of Eric. All these years later, I still feel that when we eat that particular dinner, he is right there with us. Thank you for all the food & all the love & all the memories. I will love you forever. Nora

Yummy... Lovely comfort foods. I make my salmon patties with onions and crushed saltines, as my Grama taught me. The corn meal sounds wonderful, but I'm soooo freaking allergic to anything corn!! :( I miss you.

Thank you Nora - I feel the same way about that particular meal. Your words are kind and make me think about our life together. I am blessed to have had a friendship like ours in my lifetime. Thank you for being my friend! Love you always -

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