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X. Missed You Guys!

Thirteen Things That Suck About NOT Blogging:
1. My life if boring, only doing work. New position and broken arm do not mesh to make my life easier. Something had to give and blogging was one of them.
2. I’m not doing any self-discovery or discovering some insight that will turn my life around.
3. Missing out on reading everyone else’s blogs and seeing how they are doing.
4. Makes me feel like a failure because when I do read what everyone else has been up to and they’re still blogging I feel inadequate.
5. Miss writing period! Writing is the one true creative outlet that can satisfy my craving for creating without fail. If I do it.
6. Nothing to look forward to.
7. When I’m not writing/blogging I feel like I am missing a piece of myself. This is the one constant I have kept throughout my years, this and music.
8. Miss meeting new people.
9. Miss sharing other people’s blogs with my family. It starts conversations. Some stories make us laugh, some make us think, other’s have made us cry. But it’s fun to talk about them all.
10. Feel out of the loop and caught in a vacuum called ‘work and no play’.
11. Missed sharing about going to David Mathews Band concert with my daughter and what a blast it was. She is so delightful to be with and funny, I needed the laughter.
12. Missed sharing about the funk I’m in and getting everyone’s input on how to get out of it. Well maybe it’s a good thing for everyone else that I missed this one.
13. Don’t miss fighting with my 2 dogs over the fact that they are not getting attention because I’m engrossed in writing on the computer.


*muuuuaaaah*!!! I've missed you toooooo! Thanks for stopping by, too. I hope your poor arm isn't killing you. C.mon, honey... we dropped the ball. We need to get ready for NaNoWri Mo. As you saw at my place I was in quite a fink, too. Check out the Manic Monday Meme. It's pretty decent to get the old creative juices flowing. I posted one on "Orange" yesterday at thornesworld. Lovelovelove you!!!!

welcome back LC!!
I had already given up on you.

glad you had fun with your daughter.

that is the beauty of blogging...
it motivates you to remember.

the break just gave you time to live your material.

LC ~ I knew that you were a woman after my own heart when I saw your design, but when I saw Demotivators listed in your sidebar, I knew for sure we were soul sisters. So glad to have found you. Hope it's okay that I blogrolled you.

Welcome back. I have been having server problems and have not been able to keep up the way I would like, so I can empathize with you.


i am addicted to blogging! what a good topic!

I can totally relate to a lot of these! It's amazing how much blogging does.

I'm glad you're back. I've always loved your blog. Beautiful. Tasteful. Be well and be patient with yourself.

Thanks for flying the Peace Globe banner. I will return....

Welcome back! Great list, 13 reasons to keep blogging! ;-)
Thanks for visiting my Tolkien TT!

Welcome back! I was just getting to know you when you started your break.

Ooops! I didn't mean that as a bad joke about your arm.

Glad you're back--hope you can eek out the time to visit the blogosphere more often! ;)

Oh, blogging is so addictive. That's why I'm doing it now, instead of working.

I'll pop in on you from time to time!

Oh, that sounded not fun at all! I hope that you can keep it up now :-)

Thanks for your nice birthday wishes!

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